Streamline customer onboarding with our data import solution

Save hours of support time with smooth data onboarding using UseCSV’s expertly designed step-by-step importer in your app

A hassle-free data import and migration process

Offer your customers the most delightful import experience possible

Meet your customers’ needs beyond data onboarding

We designed an import experience that is quick and easy to use so your customers can get started with your product as soon as possible. Let us help you help them get started with an intuitive step-by-step import experience. Reduce onboarding friction and save you time dealing with support tickets.

The easiest way to validate data

Eliminate the back and forth effort trying to get a file properly imported. With UseCSV, you can set validation rules from our common rules library or create custom rules using regex, and with the help of our in-browser spreadsheet editor, users can fix validation errors immediately without going back into Excel.

Powerful features that make data import a breeze

We care about your data security

We comply with industry regulations and standards to keep data safe. All data uploaded to UseCSV is stored at a leading cloud provider with stringent security controls in place.

Data conversion has never been easier

UseCSV supports CSV and all Excel formats. It also can handle large files with ease. No more file size limitations.

Automatic column matching

Say goodbye to repetitive column matching. Input and destination columns are auto-matched using AI.

Predefined data model

Easily create columns to match the required import format and make sure customers always import the required columns with an example.csv that is automatically generated using the example data.

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