Don't build another CSV importer. We’ve got you covered.

Why get your team to work on problems that are already solved? UseCSV made the CSV “wheel” so you don’t have to.

Less effort, happy users

UseCSV is built for teams exhausted by in-house solutions that suffer from file size limitations, special character issues or processing timeouts.

Focus on the important parts of your app

Building validation UI can be deceptively time-consuming. UseCSV saves you time by doing all the importing validation legwork so that you can focus on building features that are unique to your app.

A few lines of Javascript, a webhook, and you are ready to go

Supercharge your users with a seamless data importing process. All that’s needed is our drop-in JavaScript importer in your app’s front end.

Let us handle the hard work

UseCSV will clean and validate customer uploads before importing the data to your app. Save expensive support time just to get a file properly uploaded.

Support CSV and all Excel formats

Whatever the format your customer is using, we support it, including files from legacy Excel versions. We also support fuzzy text AI to match columns automatically, so your customers don't have to.

We care about your data

Choose to keep imported customer data local, or save to UseCSV for convenience. All data uploaded to UseCSV is stored at a leading cloud provider with stringent security controls in place.

Your users deserve the best CSV import experience.

Provide a perfect upload experience to your users with a well-designed and intuitive step-by-step data importing process.

Powerful validation rules

Set up validation rules in minutes. Choose from our validation rules library or create custom regex rules.

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