Supercharge your customer data onboarding

Building CSV & Excel data import in your product is full of edge cases and time-consuming rabbit holes. Your time is valuable. Clear your roadmap for bigger things, and let us handle data import for you.

Increase your customer commitment to your product with seamless data import and migration

Your customers deserve an efficient and effective import experience. Keeping up with the hidden quirks of CSV importing can sap your team’s time. Free

Exceptional user experience

We've researched common challenges customers face and designed a process that holds their hand every step of the way. Increase your product NPS with a well-designed and crafted customer data onboarding.

Best in class data onboarding

The complexity of CSV importing is often underestimated. UseCSV eliminates this from your team’s workflow and can be easily integrated with just a few lines of code. All you have to do is set the validation rules, and you’re 99% done. Your customers will love the powerful and easy data importing experience.

Seamless, fast and error free data onboarding

Clean data, every time

Setup validation rules, and users can fix issues seamlessly with our in-browser spreadsheet editor. Say goodbye to errors and messy data for your support team.

We care about your data security

We comply with industry regulations and standards to keep data safe. All data uploaded to UseCSV is stored at a leading cloud provider with stringent security controls in place.

We support CSV and all Excel formats.

Let your customer upload data in any format, even in legacy Excel versions. UseCSV supports all formats. We also support fuzzy text AI to match columns automatically, so your customers don't have to.

Make it your own with our set of customizations

Offer your customers a seamless product experience with our set of customizations to match your product branding and design style. UseCSV can be truly your own to keep design and engineering happy.

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