About Us

Building reliable CSV import used to be a hassle - we fixed it

CSV import is a feature that nearly every piece of software needs eventually. At first it seems like it should be simple to build. We thought so to when we built it for the first time. It quickly became clear that getting the details right is hard:

  • Users upload files in all shapes and sizes. Legacy version of Excel, different file encodings and with potentially millions of rows.

  • Your backend may be slow to process imported data, so you need to have a batching queue process to make sure an import doesn't time out.

  • Column names in a user's file often not match the destination columns, so you need a UI to help them match the columns.

  • Data needs to be validated, and it's best if users can fix validation issues during the import process rather than having to re-upload their file.

…and the list goes on!

After building CSV import ourselves one to many times. We decided to take everything we'd learned and launch UseCSV.

We spent a year building the first version. We wanted to make sure we had paid attention to all the details, and built a platform that could handle any size and number of imports. We've been adding new features every week since we launched.

We are a growing team based across the globe from the UK to the US. Our HQ is in London, UK. We are part of Layercode Limited, which independent and funded entirely by our customers. Layercode was founded by Damien Tanner who previously co-founded Pusher, a developer tool used by millions of developers. At Layercode we're obsessed with making software development a joy. UseCSV is a part of a family of developer tools.

UseCSV is great because of your input. So if you have any suggestions or ideas, please just drop an email to hi@usecsv.com