Looking for a Flatfile alternative? UseCSV is your best option

UseCSV comes with transparent pricing that scales as you do, easy integration in minutes with a single line of code, unlimited data models and more!

Why UseCSV?

We built the best super-simple CSV importer so you don’t have to

As developers, we've built CSV functionality into our apps countless times. There are so many edge cases to handle, it’s always more work that anticipated. UseCSV is our solution to make CSV import a delight to implement, with just few lines of JavaScript and webhook.

UseCSV is the best Flatfile alternative

Integrate data import with UseCSV quickly and easily - free account, no lengthy sales process, no credit card needed

Clear, transparent Pricing

UseCSV offers a simple pricing structure that is available on our homepage. No “Request a demo” and other hazy pricing practices. Get UseCSV up and running without getting delayed by sales tactics.

Flatfile pricing is a mystery

There’s no clear pricing on their website. To get started you need to get into a 15-min call with a sales rep before you can view the product. With UseCSV we offer monthly plans with a forever free account option so you can test how the product fits with your business and only upgrade when you need to.

Embed into your app in minutes

Easily embed UseCSV importer into your frontend with a few lines of JavaScript and webhook and hook it to your import button. We designed UseCSV to transform the CSV import experience for your users.

More manual configuration

Flatfile requires more code just to get the basic setup. With UseCSV you can configure everything in the dashboard easily.

Scalable pricing

Start on our free forever plan, then upgrade to an affordable monthly plan that meets your needs as you grow.

Flatfile charges $10K or more up-front

Flatfile only offers a high annual upfront price that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars just to get started.

Responsive team

Need something customized or optimized for your app? Just reach out to us through live chat or email.

Hard to reach

Larger organizations are slower to incorporate your feedback and less likely to build specific features you need.

Create Free Developer Account

Get Started for Free without any credit card details, and start integrating UseCSV today